Atelier 325 is an international fine art cooperative used to experiment and explore the possibilities which exist between artist and art forms.


In 2012, we formed Atelier 325 so we could work and show our art cooperatively.  However it has rapidly grown into so much more as it has become a driving force in our lives as artists.  Although we live continents apart, we have developed methods for painting together, literally four hands working together on one piece of art.  We have shown our individual art together and shown with other international artists in painting and photography.  Our goal is to expand this to other art forms as well.

Andrea’s interest in music and Kim’s interest in writing has become a part of the cooperative persona of Atelier 325.  We believe art has a right to be shared and has a right to be spread and respected across genres.  To show paintings alongside photography and music only enhances all of the art forms.  Visual art used in film and other performance work, only makes all of the works better.  Using all art forms to bring together cultures and to reflect various cultures only serves to narrow the gap between the people of the world. 

When artist put their heart and soul into their work and use it to make lives better in some way, it makes art nothing but a positive influence in the world.  Art does not have to be confined to some esoteric bubble; we believe our work is of great value to our world.

As artist and as members of the society of humans we hope we can make a difference in the lives of those creating art as well as those viewing art.

Please visit our website as well as our blog.

Andrea and Kim

Atelier 325 co-founders 



















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