Born in 1957 in Giessen, Germany, I began studying drawing and painting at an early age, encouraged by my family.  Later I studied French and History at University and French and English at language schools, work as a secretary in international companies in Germany and France for a long time.


Many circumstances later I decided to become a fulltime artist, studied arts at one of the private Paris art schools, the Ecole Supérieur d’Art Françoise Conte and graduated as a textile Designer in 2005. 


Since then I discovered the Fashion and Interior Design World, with it’s précision, style and finesse which helped me to develop my love for the détail. Today I use these skills to develop my very own art.


I'm also the co-founded Atelier 325, together with Kim Rodeffer Funk, a Washington DC based artist.





















I paint because this is my way to express what touches us all, when we look around us.


Painting for me is the permanent desire to capture the essence of the object, the person, the animal, the situation. I have to follow a discipline :  I have to try again each day, and keep things simple.


If I paint and draw, it’s also because this is my way to communicate with others, it is my pleasure to create a spécial relation between you and me and the world which surrounds us.


For my sketches and drawings, as well as my paintings I use different media on various materials, with liberty and intuitively . Watercolor, Pencil, Gouache, Ink, Egg-Tempera, Acrylic on Paper, Canvas or textiles.

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