The Story of The Third Artist Paintings


Atelier 325 is an international fine art cooperative used to experiment and explore the possibilities which exist between artist and art forms.


At Atelier 325, we are working to develop ways for artists to cooperate internationally and these paintings are one of the results of our endeavors.

We developed this technique, together; quite spontaneously when we were working at our Paris area studio during the same period one summer and were so pleased with the results, we knew we needed to continue on some level.  These first paintings are made with water from the River Marne which is located near the studio space.  We worked outside along the river for days on end.  To us, they speak very clearly of the river environs.  Because we felt a third artist is present, we call these The Third Artist paintings.

When you observe these paintings from across the room, they appear as cool, clear pools of water.  We would like to go and splash around in them.  However, as you get closer, you can see there is an entire watery world contained in these pieces just as the river, itself, would offer up to you.  If you stand close enough, it often feels as though you want to jump right into the painting for a swim.  You want to feel that lovely water flow across your skin and envelope you in love.

At Atelier 325, we continue to work on this project and have since added additional, cooperative painting series to our body of work.  We hope you enjoy these and find as much meaning in them for yourself as we have found in placing there for you.  Every day, these paintings have something new to offer the viewer from our lives in different parts of the world.

You are invited to enjoy your time with The Third Artist paintings and, as always, we encourage you to begin a conversation with us about them.

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